What Is It? Who Are We?

Artists have a special place in
society for artists are special people,
Art from the heart and all that jazz.

Yes, it's true, artists seem to love life wholeheartedly. Ah, the artistic life.
There's no life like it. Of course, there are many sides to every artistic story.
Artists also tend to work for years and years, suffering and sweating through trials
and tears while the competitive process ensures that only the cream rises to the top.

In the artistic economy, possibly one percent achieves superstar status.
Ten percent may make a million over a lifetime, while most of us work our buns off
for sixty minutes of fame. Still, creativity is its own reward. It's better to have
performed for a small audience than never to have performed at all.

Yet one would think that after a lifetime of dedication and
discipline the rewards of the artistic life should be greater than they are.
Maybe the artistic life would pay better if artists were better organized like
bankers or bureaucrats, into a mutual benefit society, into an Artistic Society.

Or would organizing ourselves stifle our creativity? What would it take
to organize an Artistic Society? Actually, we already have one,
even without being organized.

The Artistic Society is a collection of artistic communities,
to which many of us already belong. Those of us who enjoy music,
for example, attend concerts and visit entertainment clubs for live music.
Each club is an artistic society of sorts. Pay the admission and
you're a member for an evening. Welcome to the club.

Purchase a cassette or CD by your favorite singer and you're joining someone's fan club
every time you play the album. Plus everyone has a favorite radio station. In some homes
radio plays music all day long.

When you attend a film screening or rent a video featuring your favorite stars,
you're supporting a video and film artistic society.

Even better, attend a film festival, and you'll find yourself
a member of the film community. If you prefer an evening at home,
switch on your TV and join the television world.

Some people prefer reading a book or magazine.
Whether you're reading an art classic or pulp fiction, you are supporting
a literary artistic society as you enter into the wide world of the written word.

Even more adventurous is making a visit to the theater.
When you purchase a ticket at the box office, you're entering a special world
where artistic creation surrounds you, and sometimes touches your heart.
You can feel the creative energy in a theatrical experience.
The price of admission is a once in a lifetime membership
you may never forget.

Joining a dance class or a dance company even for an evening,
can lift your spirits. Watching comedians working an audience can
make you laugh, even when you thought you couldn't laugh any more.

Singing. Music. Video. Film. Theater. Dance.
Comedy. Books & Magazines. Art of all kinds.
There are so many artistic societies waiting to be discovered.

Feeling touched in so many ways by so many creative people,
you may feel ready to experience fine art. Tour art galleries every week and
you see the world from every angle, with high art, camp art, impressionism,
realism, cubism, idealism, modernistic and post-modernistic art forms.

Every time we look at the world, we can be sure
someone has found a way to capture the essence of the moment on canvas,
camera or video. Graphic arts and fine artists are mirrors through which
we can see ourselves and our lives more clearly.

All these forms of art find expression in the popular world of arts and crafts.
Shirts worn on the street reveal the inner self. Hats, clothing and earrings are all
expressions of how we feel. We decorate our bodies, our bikes, our cars,
and our homes. In our creative attitudes, we are all artists.

Ah yes, the artistic life. The creative life. There's no life like it.
Seeing it all. Doing it all. Feeling everything. Expressing ourselves fully.
Creating the kind of world we want to live in. Art World. Our World.

Artistic Societies are all around us. So go ahead. Join an Artistic Society.
Participate in the artistic community of your choice.
Find your art and feel more heart today.




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