How creative are you on a scale of one to a hundred.

Answer these questions and explore your creative talents.

Choose one number (1, 2, 3 or 4) for each question.

Then add up all your choices as a total score.

A *  Are you a creative person?

1. No.   2. Sometimes.   3. Often.   4. Usually.

B *  How many personalities do you have?

1. One.   2. Two.   3. Three.   4. More

C *  Do you enjoy being the center of attention?

1. No.   2. Sometimes.   3. Often.   4. Always.

D *  Do you enjoy singing for audiences?

1. No.   2. Sometimes.   3. Often.   4. Always.

E *  Do you have a visual imagination?
  (ie. Are you able to see pictures in your mind
when you close your eyes?)

1. No.   2. Sometimes.   3. Often.   4. Always.

F *  Are you able to articulate your thoughts?

1. No.   2. Sometimes.   3. Often.   4. Always.

G *  Can you make people laugh when they are unhappy?

1. No.   2. Sometimes.   3. Often.   4. Always.

H *  Do you ever feel guided or inspired to do things?

1. No.   2. Sometimes.   3. Often.   4. Always.  

I *  Do you consider yourself a beautiful person?

1. No.   2. Sometimes.   3. Usually.   4. Always.

J *  Do you enjoy playing more than working?

1. No.   2. Sometimes.   3. Often.   4. Always.



When you have added up your scores

Read the interpretations of your scores below.

Finish the survey and add your scores before continuing.



Is your Creativity Score
closer to 10 or 40?

There are ten questions.
If you awarded 4 points for every question,
your total score is 40 points. If on the other hand,
if you scored 1 for all questions, your total score would be 10.

If you chose fours for every question, and have a score of 40 points,
you definitely have a superstar personality, and should be aiming for
a career in entertainment. Everything you do is probably done in
a creative manner, and you may be divinely inspired as well.

If your score is in the thirties, (30-39), you have a star personality,
which means you can seriously consider pursuing a career in showbiz.
Whether your talent is singing, dancing, playing music, acting or writing,
you might be able to make a respectable living as a professional artist.

A score in the twenties (20-29) means you have an artistic personality.
Perhaps you have enough artistic energy to be a professional artist, but
not quite as much as a superstar. You might earn respectable amounts
of money writing scripts for television, or managing other artists, but
you better study business administration on the side, for you may need
a second income in your old age, when your artistic energies fade.

With a score in the 20s, you have an average amount of artistic energy.
You might not become a superstar but you still have enough of
that special spark required to become a creative persona.

If you achieved a score in the teens, (10-19) you probably have
an amateur artistic personality. You probably watch television and
listen to music, rather than creating music or acting in theatre groups.

Being a teener isn't a bad way to live. Not everyone wants to be a superstar
or even a professional artist. The world also needs audiences and
doctors and lawyers too, and accountants and politicians and
community leaders, as well as firemen and farmers. The world
wouldn't be as interesting if everyone were an artist.

Test scores under 10 points indicates that the arts are not your field.
Perhaps youíre more mature than artistic, more disciplined than creative,
more like a bank president or manager of a successful business. Someone
has to manage the artistic society and it could be you, but
your talents may work better behind the scenes.

If you're not artistic, don't worry about it. It's not like
you won't ever play in paradise with the rest of Godsí children.
Everyone gets to play like children in paradise if they're artistic or not.

Perhaps your talents need some practice and a little coaching.
Consider yourself a student of the arts. Study film. Talk to musicians.
You could find that your creative phase is merely beginning. Inside, you
may be an artist wanting to express yourself, but you'll never know until
you explore your talents and bring them out in the open for everyone to see.

Perhaps it's your role to discover a new cure for some horrible disease or
raise a family of happy, smiling children. Let us not forget, raising a family
is probably the most creative thing a person can do. There's something
for everyone in paradise especially when you're feeling creative.

Creativity is its own reward, as they say, and it's good to stay
a little bit artistic for as long as possible, for creative energy is
like a virtual fountain of youth. If you make an effort to
boost your creativity score a little more every year,
you can feel young forever.

In the Artworld, as in life, everyone can feel like a winner.
Scores don't matter when you're having fun. By the way,
A Perfect Score is 100 Percent, when you can do it all.

Everyone's invited to join the Artistic Society.
Simply participate in the Artistic Life.

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