Entertainment Revenues Growing 7% per year
Price-Waterhouse-Coopers Report, September 2000

Entertainment and media industry revenues could grow
7% per year, to almost a trillion $ dollars in the next four years.

American, European, and Asian entertainment industries
presently amount to $689 billion (us), but revenues are
expected to rise to $973 billion by 2004.

The US will be the fastest growing region,
with total spending reaching $443 billion.

The Internet is expected to be the fastest growing sector,
nearly tripling by 2004, to $75 billion.

Digital distribution of music and books
will transform entertainment and media industries.
The US is best organized to benefit from the growth of digital culture.

Broadcast and cable television revenues
are expected to grow at an annual rate of 8.7%,
driven by increased channel capacity.

Spending on recorded music will grow by 4% per year,
to more than $42 billion dollars, but piracy will continue to rise,
cutting into sales and potential profits.

Newspaper advertising is presently the largest advertising revenue
producer, but is expected to fall from 37% to 30% of total advertising in 2004.
Magazine advertising will slip from 14% of advertising revenues to 13%,
almost holding its present position.

In contrast to news publishing revenues, classified advertising revenues seem to be on the rise. Classified ads are expected to rise from $40 billion to $176 billion in the next four years.

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